This is our FAQ  section, where you can learn more about us and how you book a taxi, download our app and use it and some much more. If your question is not mentioned here feel free to contact and we’ll be happy to help you.

My question is not here - please help me!

1. where can I find a taxi in Ararat?

Our taxis are parked some time on Ararat Railway station at Birdwood Ave and some time on Barkley Street Ararat Taxi stands. In case taxi is not there, do not panic. Just ring 03-5352 7777, taxi will be there to pick you within 5-10 min depending upon where you are. If this number is busy, then ring office number 5352 7775.

What towns your taxi company can reach?

Ararat Cabs/Taxi can reach following towns, for your taxi needs:

♦ Great Western, ♦ Lake Bolac, ♦ Willaura, ♦ Glen Thompson, ♦ Moyston, ♦ Pomonal, ♦ Halls Gap, ♦ Grampians, ♦ Warrak, ♦ Crowlands, ♦ Elmhurst, ♦ Westmere,  ♦ Tatyoon, ♦ Westmere, ♦ Skipton and ♦ Streatham

taxi stands

Our taxis are time to time available in Ararat at Barkley Street opposite to Ararat Hotel and at Ararat Railway station on Birdwood Ave taxi stands. If taxis are not there please call us at 5352 7777.

how to book a taxi?

To make an instant Taxi  booking 03-5352 7777 or 131008

To make an advance booking      03-5352 7775 or 131008 or email:

booking@araratcabs.com.au  or info@araratcabs.com.au 

Do you need more driver?

Female Drivers are required for some shifts. Please e-mail your CV to info@araratcabs.com.au or fax 03-5352 7776 or post to PO Box 319 Ararat Vic 3377. contact administration for further information at 03-5352 7775.


Please call us at our office number: 03-5353 7775 or send us an email at: feedback@araratcabs.com.au to rate of driver or service and give feedback upon our drivers and service.

2. Can I make an advance booking?

Yes we accept advance bookings to taxi you to your destination intime.

Can I make a pre-booking?

Yes pre-bookings are made which can be couple hour before or to catch a train in couple days later. Bookings are also accepted a week or month before travel. We advise customers to ring 15 min prior actual booking time just to make sure it is in order and has not omitted from our dispatch system in error.

special occasions

Taxi service can be pre-booked on your special occasion including weddings or birthday parties, please contact us.

Permanent Booking

Yes we accept permanent bookings to taxi you to your work and back etc.

3. lost Property

If an item is lost in our taxis, you can be sure that we will have it for you.

did you lost something?

Should you lost some thing in our taxis such as mobile, keys etc? Do not panic, just follow the following procedure:

1, First ask your friends, colleague/s if any, who travel with you.

2, Check your item at place you went or spend time prior boarding in taxi.

3, Check your items at place your board in or drop off, it may fall there

4, If certain it is lost in taxi then ring us immediately at 03-5352 7777

What happen when I contact Ararat Cabs or Ararat Taxi?

Driver or Operator will ask you following question;

1, Your pick up and drop off address

2, Pick up and drop off date and time

3, Taxi number such as C0432 or driver name if known

4, Your name and contact number.

5, Driver will be contact, he will search your item in his vehicle.

6, Search could take 1-10 hour depending on driver is on duty or left and sleeping.


where to pick your item

If your item located in taxi then;

1, It may be given to taxi base office or to police or still with driver.

2, You will be informed where and what time (if known) to pick up.

3, Should item to be deliver to your place, driver may charge the taxi fare.

it's lost for days now...

some items are found when driver clean up their vehicles. You may ring a week late too or if you have left your contact number, you will be contacted.

fill our form

Feel free to fill our form in “Contact Us”. This way we will have a record of your request.

4. taxi app

Currently we have very basic 131008 apps for booking .

how to download

information have already given on home page.

Can I locate my taxi through apps?

It is very basic apps just to book a local taxi. You can not locate your taxi.

Feel free to ring the number 5352 7777 again and driver will tell you how far he is.

can i book from anywhere

Yes through this Apps you can book a taxi anywhere in Australia

is it a free app

Yes it is a free Apps

future updates

For future update please do following;

Join our facebook refer home at bottom for face book link

Fill a form in “Contact Us” and inquire specific travel need

Ring us 03-5352 7775 during business hours

email us at info@araratcabs.com.au