Other Services

Ararat Cabs is more than just a Taxi Company. It offers different services at reasonable prices from the list below. From sightseeing tours, parcel delivery, special transportation, disable clients pick up and drop off services, VIP services for those regular users.

Corporate / Personal Accounts

are a convenient and efficient way to handle all of your transportation needs. Whether to the workplace, school, airport or transporting clients, our “Ararat Cabs / Taxi, Corporate/Personal Account Service” makes transportation easy with traceable accuracy.

Your account is given the highest priority

in our dispatch system, and when you make a reservation, all of the information is recorded. Both the passenger and the driver sign the voucher at the destination, which makes the transaction secure.

Vouchers received from our drivers are cross referenced with information in our system and are checked to make sure that they are not overcharged.

A detailed invoice is billed monthly to your accounting department / address given including the actual vouchers used.

Our dispatch and marketing department can work with you for any special needs that you or your company might have.

You may contact us via info@araratcabs.com.au or 03-5352 7775 or via fax 5352 7776 to find out more about opening a corporate or personal account.

airport services

Two or more in your company / family make it more economical than shuttles when traveling to Melbourne airport. You can be transported back home in reasonable cost.

Delivery Service

If you have a parcel or anything (permitted in Taxi) that taxi-cab can carry, we can deliver! To place a delivery order, simply call our dispatch center 03-5352 7777 and inform the dispatcher that you are placing a delivery order so and so. Give any special instruction for specific delivery item such as a blood sample or a brittle item.

the procedures for all deliveries are as follows:

The driver turns the meter on at the pick-up address; the meter is turned off at the destination. There is a exception for flat rates out of town deliveries. There is a minimum charge of $10.00 local deliveries.

corporate taxi needs:

If you have an upcoming event i.e. party, industry touring or wedding, you can arrange an account for the event. This way you can ensure your friends and family can have a good time and get home safely. Taxi can be pre-arranged prior event.

social visits:

Excellent for transport of child, friend or relative. Our professionally trained drivers will get them directly there safely, without any hassles or worries.

Out of the town activities:

Please use Ararat Taxis / Cabs when visiting other towns shopping, hospital appointments or entertainment etc. Please contact us on 5352 7777 or email us at: booking@araratcabs.com.au

Ararat attarction Sorounding Tour

Ararat Taxi trading as Ararat Cabs can offer you Ararat surroundings and attarction tours of following upon you request:

Grampians, J Ward, Ghost Tour, One Tree Hill, Gum Sam Chinese Museum etc.

For more information please contact Ararat info Centre then our taxi admin number 03-5352 7775 or fax us at 03-5352 7776 or post to PO Box 319 Ararat Vic 3377.

Easy Cab Booking:

We have made easy Cab booking system for customers who make large numbers of bookings. If you are a business, hospital, hotel, reception, restaurant or other that would like an easier way to make bookings then call us on for instant booking (03) 5352 7777 or 131008 or e-mail us for 48 hr prior booking at booking@araratcabs.com.au

Workplace Taxi:

You can arrange a taxi to travel to your workplace with us. We can either pick you up from home or from your workplace. Travel can be share with your colleagues which will be cheaper than bus fare. You may need to open an account with us.

School Shuttle:

You can arrange for your children to travel to school with us. We will pick them up at home and/or at school. Any questions please send an email to info@araratcabs.com.au or call 5352-7775 or fax to 5352-7776.

Grocery Shopping:

In addition to giving you exceptional service to your destination, Ararat Cabs Taxi drivers can assist by loading and unloading groceries. Please ask for assistance and  note that they will not do actual shopping.


Let Ararat Taxi be your passport to convenience when traveling to the mall or shopping centres.